Sunday, February 14, 2010

How do you say "I Love You"

Ryan gave me some great Valentine Day presents this year!  He planted some berry bushes that we bought at Home Depot and he put together a small composter for our backyard (we just have to decide where exactly to put it).  I'm so excited as I dream about fresh berries and rich soil for our garden!  He has been telling me not to get too excited about the berry bushes...he is not holding out much hope for them!

Ryan brought home some balloons and flowers on Saturday evening for all us girls...and Logan got a balloon!  The girls love it...this morning Sienna asked Jenessa why Daddy brought them flowers and Jenessa answered "Because he loves us!"

I successfully made a heart cake from a square and a circle and decorated it with pink frosting.  I've wanted to try that for awhile and finally tried it!

I put up a few decorations earlier this month.  I didn't decorate at all last year (I was too sick), so I thought I would this year...the girls love it when we decorate for anything!   I made a cute heart swag out of felt and put it on the fireplace...I was impressed with myself!


Cynthia said...

So excited about your bushes! Hope that they beat Ryan's expectations! Ha!
Would love to SEE them and the cake!!!! Do you ever take pictures woman?????????
Glad to hear you guysa re doing so well.
Spring is coming! I can't wait!

Janel Ogden said...

I agree with Cynthia--we want pictures! I am glad you successfully made a heart cake AND decorated--way to go!