Saturday, September 11, 2010

Firsts of the Season

Today was the first soccer games of the season and Kessiah's first cavy meeting of the year.

Soccer games were a litle tricky since Jenessa's game started 30 minutes before Sienna/Logan's game...on different fields and Ryan couldn't be there (he was at a 9/11 ceremony).  Thankfully, we know people on Jenessa's team who also have a son on Sienna/Logan's team (isn't that convenient!).  So, Kessiah watched Jenessa's game with our friends while I took Sienna and Logan to their game.  Kessiah and Jenessa came to the pee-wee game with our friends just as it was it all worked out fine. 

Jenessa did great...she is a good little soccer player.  She almost made several goals and assisted with one.  Sienna and Logan had a good game too.  Sienna has no trouble getting out on the field and being aggressive.  Logan was eager to get out and run with the pack...he was the littlest one out there and his shirt practically comes to his just adds to the humor of seeing little people out there running up and down a field! We hit a major milestone with Logan...he is our first child where we haven't had to get out on the field with them for the first game (or second or third)...he had no problem getting out there when the coach called him in!

Kessiah was excited to get going with her 4-H group again.  They practiced showmanship today...for those entering the fair.  We aren't entering the cavies in the fair but it was good practice for EXPO.

The girls wondered where Ryan was during the soccer games, so I had the chance to talk about what happened on September 11, 2001.  I'm not sure that I've ever really explained what happened on that was a good discussion.

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Joan said...

I love little league futbol! Yesterday Enoch was the goalie and he literally stopped the ball with his face! He just picked it up, kicked it out, looked over at me and said "is my eye red?" Basically the whole left side of his face was, but oh well. We must sacrifice for the game! Way to go Judy Kids!