Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Week

We finished a session of swimming lessons on Thursday.  The girls all did really well but Kessiah and Jenessa did not move up...still I'm very happy with how comfortable they are becoming in the water.  Sienna did move up, she has been a little fish this summer.  Logan has become more comfortable in the water as well since we get in the pool everytime we go to swimming lessons...he will be ready for lessons next time we sign up.

Soccer season is gearing back up.  Jenessa had her first practice this week, she is very excited about her pink uniform.  She is playing on an all girls team this year.  There are 2 other girls in our ward on her team...we have already talked about carpooling so we don't all need to go to every practice.  We got Sienna and Logan on the same team with the coach we wanted...we know a few people on that team as well.  It should be a good season.

We have been going to preschool story time at the library every Wednesday for Sienna and Logan.  They have been enjoying that.  I felt like I needed to make sure and do some preschool this that is part of our "curriculum"  I had been doing a letter of the week with a few activities for them, but I wasn't liking it very much.  So, I switched this week to a theme...we did shapes.  I like doing a theme much better (I have done it that way before) I'm tossing the letter of the week idea and going back to a theme of the week.  I also started doing some phonics with Sienna (she started reading simple 3 letter words last Spring but I was reluctant to start a phonics program at that time)  I have a Hooked on Phonics program that I used with Jenessa that I started with Sienna this week.

I've been trying in earnest to potty train Logan this weekend.  We are struggling a bit, but I'm going to be persistant!  He keeps bringing me a diaper to put on him instead of underwear!

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