Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Logan!

Yes, this little guy is 3 years old!  He had a great day.  We put up a calendar every month that has special squares for special days...he has known all month which square was his birthday.  So when Sienna said "Logan, it's your birthday!" this morning, he walked right over to the calendar and pointed to the right date!

It was a pretty lazy, casual day since it was Saturday.  I even had to get Jenessa and Sienna to go get dressed before we did cake and presents because they were still in their pajamas!

Logan had fun opening his presents and then trying to protect them from Sienna!

Logan is such a cute boy.  I was nervous about adding a boy to our family of girls when he was born, but he has been such a fun addition!  He is definately turning into a 3 year old (3 seems to be much harder than 2 around here!)  He loves to follow Sienna around even though they have a love/hate relationship. He likes to break things just because he can...a very annoying habit from his mom's point of view!  And he loves to talk (and talk and talk and talk!)  I think he talks more than his sisters did at this age.

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