Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Weekend

On Friday morning while Ryan was at the movies with the girls, I took the boys to Sears to get their birthday pictures taken!  Ummm....I love my little guys....but taking pictures is a joke!  Mason won't sit still now that he has figured out how to move and Logan just wanted to play with all the props.  We did somehow manage to get at least one shot of each of them and one that was ok of them together.

Friday evening was the town's annual employee appreciation barbecue at the pool.  Unfortunately, it had been raining/drizzling most of the we didn't go swimming in the pool which didn't make the girls very happy!

Ryan got three trees planted by Saturday evening.  He planted 2 more in our front yard and 1 in the back.  They look nice!

On Sunday morning Ryan gave Mason a haircut (Ryan has wanted to do it for months but I told him he couldn't until Mason's birthday)...Mason wasn't very cooperative, but Ryan got it done.  It wasn't too bad, Ryan had used the longest attachment so there were still some curls left.  While we were at church I noticed that Mason's hair had some uneven spots.  So that evening Ryan got out the clippers again and cut it shorter...oh...sadness...he looks like a different baby!

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