Thursday, March 10, 2011


Jenessa turned 8 today!  I remember being so nervous when we went into the hospital the morning that I had her...I just wasn't sure what to expect!  And then I didn't even get to hold her for about 12 hours because she had trouble breathing after she was born and they had to put her on oxygen immediately.

This morning Jenessa told me I didn't have to make her a cake today since we are buying a big cake tomorrow for her party and that would be a lot of cake!  I'm really glad she came to that conclusion all on her own...Kessiah would have had to make it (which she could have).  We went to an end-of-season pizza party for Kessiah's basketball team tonight...thankfully Jenessa really likes pepperoni pizza!  After we got home we sent her on a treasure hunt to find her presents.

Jenessa is a great daughter...she can be quite spunky, but she also has a very sweet, kind, and loving side to her which I love to see.  She has become an avid reader and has had a great attitude lately about getting her schoolwork done.

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