Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My first canning day!

I canned my peaches yesterday. Thankfully, I had some help getting started. My friend came over and helped me get all my peaches in the jars, it only took us about 2 hours to do 2 boxes. Of course, it took the rest of the day to process all the jars. Thankfully, I used my friends canner as well as my own...but it still took me until 7:00 that night to finish. I got 38 quarts out of my day's work. They are beautiful! I had 1 bottle that didn't seal, I think I make some peach crisp (yum!)

Kessiah was very helpful in slicing the peaches and putting them in the jars. Jenessa had fun putting sugar in the bottles (since sugar is her favorite food group!)

I also made a small batch of plum sauce. I canned one 1/2 pint jar and kept another in the fridge to use now. We got about 8 plums in the fruit basket from the co-op and we don't eat raw plums very well (too tart). So I looked around for something to make with them and found a plum sauce. Kessiah and I ate some pot stickers for lunch using the plum sauce as a dip...yummy! Last evening Ryan told me he remembered eating (and enjoying) plum crisp as a kid. Next time we get plums I'll have to try that.


Janel Ogden said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You made 38 quarts of peaches and a plum sauce AND you had 5 kids home with you all at the same time!!! I think the "a" in your name stands for "amazing". :)

Stacy said...

Way to go. You will become addicted. I love canning. So nice when I am done in the fall to see those shelves full. Your family is so cute.
Stacy Reynolds