Thursday, September 24, 2009

My latest hobby?

I know, I don't have time for a new hobby but...

I bought a pressure canner this week at Walmart. I have recently become intrigued about the idea of canning foods. I remember helping my mom and grandparents when I was young, but I haven't had an interest in doing it myself until now.

And I ordered 2 cases of peaches that I will pick up on Saturday. So, I will start off by canning peaches (yes, I know I don't need a pressure canner for those). I'm so excited to see my pretty jars of peaches!


Joan said...

Good luck! I only did applesauce this year....but ended up with 148 quarts...not all for me of course, Lynae, Kris and Lynae's friend also helped.

Janel Ogden said...

Good luck with the peaches! Tell me how our new pressure canners work!