Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting off the couch!

So, I pretty much spent the entire weekend on the couch!  I started coming down with a cold last Wednesday.  Thursday morning I wasn't feeling very good so I rescheduled a dentist appointment that I had.  On Friday I had my OB appointment and was diagnosed with strep throat!  I was surprised since all I had really been experiencing was nasal congestion...but I went home with a prescription for antibiotics.  I think that being pregnant on top of having strep and a cold just totally wiped me out!  I literally couldn't do anything all weekend.  Ryan took the girls to the light parade Friday evening.  He went grocery shopping on Saturday.  Then came home and took the girls to buy our Christmas tree.  I stayed home from church with they boys (thankfully, they slept most of the time that everyone was gone so I got some quiet time) Last night the tree was decorated as I watched from the couch!  (and yes, this is yet another year when only the top half of the tree will be decorated)

This morning I woke up feeling like the fog was lifting a bit!  But I still cancelled Jodi coming (Mason's PT) and we didn't go to gymnastics.  Hopefully, I will continue to feel better because we have a lot going on this week...mommy can't be sick!

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Janel Ogden said...

I hope you are feeling better! At least your couch is the room where all the action takes place so you don't feel so left out!