Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Big Boy!

I had a doctor appointment last Tuesday and was measuring about 4 weeks I had an ultrsound today to check things out.   Yep, another big boy.  He is measuring about 33-34 weeks (I'm 30 weeks tomorrow!)  Mason came on his own 12 days early and weighed 9 pounds....I have a feeling I will be induced early with this one.  I'll have to talk with my doctor to see how early.  

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Cynthia said...

Always such a beautiful picture! love sono pics. that one looks
3d??? I am so happy you honored my wish with a third boy, my brady bunch dream!!!! You are so awesome!
Now if you will just name him correctly!!! ha,ha,ha! I know you will do me proud! I love your family and I wish you a perfect baby to hold no matter how big. Congratualtions again!