Monday, February 7, 2011

Hold Them Close

We have some friends that we go to church with who have a daughter just a couple months older than Sienna who was just diagnosed with cancer last week.  It strikes close to home when it is someone who is the same age as one of our children, someone who has been in our home, someone I have served with in church.  It has brought some tears to my eyes and made me hold my children (especially Sienna) just a little bit closer and a little bit longer.

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Cynthia said...

Time is precious! So sad about your friend! You never know what life will bring and you never know when times up! I cherish my babies dearly...your sad post is just a reminder that when we get caught up in LIFE that we need to thankful for what treasures we were given and try to honestly love nad live in every moment! Thanks for the wake-up! God is great ALL THE TIME!