Friday, May 4, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Corbin is one...which for me means that it's time to wean him off the bottle.  This week, I backed off to 3 bottles a day.  6 ounces when he woke up, 4 before his afternoon nap, and 6 before bed.  He is doing better with a cup and he has been eating more.  It was a little leap of faith when I went to Little League games this week with no bottle, just his cup of milk and lots of snacks...but he did great.

2.  Corbin has started trying to stand more.  I caught him standing for about 10 seconds once during the week.

3.  Little League games continue to make our lives pretty busy right now.  Sienna got hit in the eye during warm ups before one of her games.  We got some ice on it and she was fine.  The next day there was a slight bruise...but she hasn't complained about it.

4.  Sienna and Logan had dentist appointments on Friday morning.  These two have not had the best luck with dental health...I take the blame for most of that.  But during the last 6 months I have been a lot better about reminding them to brush before bed and Ryan has been flossing their teeth every Sunday evening.  Sienna had no cavities and Logan had 2 small ones that need to be filled.  My plan is to start brushing Logan's teeth twice a week...which will probably help me brush Mason's as weel...which I should be doing anyway.

5.  We are getting anxious for summer around here.  We are trying to wrap up our final school assignments and getting ready to enjoy a change of pace.

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