Friday, May 11, 2012

Five for Friday

Another week as flown by at the Judy is some of what happened

1.  I am continuing to wean Corbin off the bottle...truthfully, I could probably do it faster, but I do still have some formula left...and I'm a little reluctant knowing this is my baby!  I enjoy the cuddle time with him and I realize that this "baby" time is coming to an end.  This week I've given him a 6 ounce bottle in the morning when he wakes up and another one right before he goes to bed.  He is doing well with a cup during the day.  Corbin has also been standing up a lot more this won't be too long before he is walking!

2.  We had 4-H Community Meeting on Wednesday.  Sienna missed her game and we had to leave a little early to get Kessiah to her game.  This was the last meeting of the the annual pizza party. It was held at a the kids enjoyed running around on the grass and playing on the equipment.

3.  Thursday was our monthly Relief Society meeting. All the girls in the ward 8 and up were invited...and several girls younger than that were also there.   It was a night where several people got up for 5 minutes to teach something.  I got up with Sienna and Jenessa and we demonstrated our super easy pumpkin chocolate chip muffin/cupcakes.  Kessiah played a couple of songs on the piano.  It was a fun evening and the girls asked if they could go every month!

4.  It looks like Mason will be attending a preschool next year.  I took him to get assessed a couple of weeks ago and today I met with some people at the preschool to see if he qualified...and he does.  This is kind of weird for me as I have never sent any of my kids to preschool.  I was in a preschool co-op with Kessiah...but this is different.  It is with the school district and he will be able to continue getting speech therapy and physical therapy...which is why I want him to go.  They only operate the school 3 days a week...which I like.

5.  Ryan took Logan on the Father and Son Campout tonight.  The girls are extremely jealous and Mason had trouble going to sleep without his bedroom buddy.   Later...the girls ended up sleeping in sleeping bags on the family room floor after we watched a couple of movies.

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