Sunday, October 21, 2012


My wonderful parents came to our house this week and stayed with Mason and Corbin while the rest of us went to California.  We've never left any of our kids before like it was a little weird for me!  But I'm really glad we did not have them with us.  At times I saw some little boys that would remind me of them and that would make me miss them a lot...but I remember what Mason was like this summer at the fireworks, the balloon glow, and Lagoon...and I know that he would have been miserable!

We left on Sunday after church and checked into our hotel.  On Monday morning we were ready for our first day of fun and frolic at Disneyland!  We spent Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland, Wednesday at Sea World, Thursday at Universal Studios, and Friday at Disneyland.

We had a great time, I was able to go on many rides since we didn't have the little guys with us.  I didn't have Logan get on Space Mountain or the Matterhorn ...but he went on nearly everything else at Disneyland.  There were a few things he didn't go on at California Tower of Terror and the Screamer.  And I used Logan as my excuse for not going on the Ferris Wheel (I hate those things!)

We had a great seat for the Shamu show at Sea World.  We were right in front in the middle so when the whales came up on the platform we had an awesome view.  And even though we were in the soak zone we didn't get wet.  We did, however, get soaked during the dolphin show!

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