Friday, October 5, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Another great and busy week.  Preschool for Logan and Mason, gymnastics, soccer, dance, library, piano.

2.  We started a new unit in our homeschool co-op...we are talking about Explorers.  I have the 11-13 year olds this month...there are only 2 of them (Kessiah and Matt).  It has been a good group for us to participate in, the kids look forward to it every week.  We had our book club meeting this week as well (we do a book club every five weeks), we discussed Charlotte's Web.

3.  We had a service/goods auction at Relief Society this week.  I auctioned off a pan of cinnamon rolls for this Sunday morning before conference and another auction for FHE treats every week for a month!  I won some cute Halloween decorations.  I was really saving for a photo shoot...which I lost by $10!!  So, I didn't win anything else because the photo shoot was at the end and that's what I really wanted!

4.  Early Friday morning Corbin woke up crying, when I went in to see what the problem was I could immediately smell that he had thrown up!  I cleaned him up, cuddled with him, and had him sleep the rest of the night in the port-a-crib in our closet.  A couple of hours later, I found out that Kessiah had been sick all night as well!  So, Friday did not go quite as planned so they could recover!  Hopefully, no one else will get it!

5.  Time to get out Fall/Halloween decorations!  I love this time of year!

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