Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Update

 We have had a great summer and spent some time with some good friends.

1.  We have enjoyed bowling a few times...usually on Mondays  I even scored 100!  That is a record for me!  I found I do better without the bumpers!  Sometimes it is challenging (who am I is hard everytime!) keeping the little guys happy and occupied without running all over the place!  I try to bring some snacks and things for them to do.  They do enjoy "bowling" or pushing the ball down the ramp...but there is too much time in between for them.  After bowling we have done cooking at our house with Spencer and Maggie (I'm not sure which they like lunch or playing the Wii U after we eat!)

2.  We have gone to the library every Tuesday for the summer program.  We have seen a juggler, a yo-yo guy, a magician, and a balloon guy!

3.  We have gone to the park on Wednesday mornings.  Jenessa has had some games for the group to do...sometimes the games go well...other times they don't!  On Wednesday afternoons Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan have gone to the Movie Makers club at the Nymans.  They have loved it and I look forward to seeing the finished product in July!

4.  Thursday mornings have been art club at our house for the past couple of weeks.  Before that it was American Girl club at the Meachams.

5.  On Friday mornings Ryan has taken the four oldest to the summer movie at the theatre.  I've enjoyed the time at home with my 2 little guys to get some school planning done for next year (yes, I admit it...I turn on PBS to entertain them while I work!)

6.  We have done swimming lessons at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this month.  I have had the 5 oldest in lessons.  I wanted Kessiah and Jenessa to pass the last class...but they were not very excited about taking lessons again.  I told them I wouldn't sign them up again after this session.  Sienna continues to be my little fish.  Logan has done well in his class but will take the same class again.  Mason took lessons for the first time and did better than I thought he might, he will take the same class again.

7.  Sienna had a dance recital.  They did songs from the movie "Tangled."  She performed on a Friday night at the stake center and the next day at Prescott Valley Days.  She loved it !

8.  Kessiah had a fantastic week at Girl's Camp.  A friend, who was a cabin mom, texted me the picture of Kessiah holding a sign that said "Hi Mom"  It made me smile, but it also made me miss her tons!  They had a big replica of the temple at camp for the testimony meeting that they also set up at the after camp fireside.

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