Friday, June 7, 2013

Our busy week

If this week is any indication...this is going to be a busy summer!  Linnea and Jennica were here all week while Craig was in Flagstaff for a conference.  They just hung out at the house while we were out at our activities during the week.  When we were home (which wasn't often!) Corbin and Jennica were very cute together.  Linnea is very pregnant (she will have a c-section next week) and I'm sure will be happy to get back to her own bed!

Kessiah attended a babysitting class each morning (Monday through Thursday) from 9:00 to 12:00.  She learned about safety, CPR, nutrition and several other topics.  On the last day everyone in the class showed off a babysitting bag that they had made and what they had put in it.  Kessiah missed out on all the morning activities we did during the week because of the class, but she enjoyed it.

We went bowling on Monday morning and then I brought Spencer and Maggie back home with us to make lunch....French bread pizza and cake mix cookie bars.

Tuesday we went to the library program...and got us signed up for the summer reading program.  This year Mason gets to participate so I had to get him a library card.  The program was a guy who was an expert with was a fun one to watch.  Jenessa said it was the best one she had ever seen!  Maybe because she got to participate and came home with a big balloon chicken hat!  That afternoon was our first swimming lessons for the summer...and Masons first swimming lessons ever!  He did better than I thought he might...although I still had to bribe him with some skittles to get him to do some things with his teacher!

Wednesday morning we met several people at the park.  Jenessa organized several games for them to play.  That afternoon I took Kessiah to another activity for teens at the library, they made adoption posters for homeless pets.  Then the kids had their movie makers activity at the Nymans.  The kids were really excited about what they would be doing there this summer.

Thursday morning was the American Girls club for Jenessa and Sienna, they are having fun learning about what happened during the Depression.  That afternoon we went to swimming lessons.  Kessiah and Jenessa babysat for Jenessa's Primary teacher after we got back from the was a late night for them.

Friday morning Ryan took Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan to the summer movie at the theater.  That afternoon I took Kessiah to an activity with the local homeschool group.  They are trying to start a teen council...we'll see where it goes!  Kessiah and Jenessa babysat some kids at our house that evening.

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