Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday

1.  Memorial Day was fun.  We had breakfast at Denny's...a pretty calm breakfast considering our crew.  We then went to the park.  After lunch Ryan took Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan miniature golfing and then to a movie (the movie wasn't planned but everyone quickly agreed to the unplanned activity!)

2.  On Tuesday, Kessiah and Jenessa went with some friends in the morning.  Of course, Sienna and Logan were wanting to play with friends as I took them to the park.  That afternoon, I took Kessiah and a couple of friends to the library for the teen library program that was scheduled but when we got there we found out there was a limited number of spots because they were traveling to a nursing home...there were several disappointed teens.  Fortunately, as we were deciding what to do next, the librarian came and told the girls they could help get the project started.  So even though they didn't get to go to the nursing home...they still got their movie pass for helping!  Jenessa had Activity Days that evening where they made babysitting bags and I had a Primary Presidency Meeting.

3.  Wednesday we got together with some friends at a park.  The older kids played kickball and sardines.  The younger ones played on the playground.  That afternoon, we had Clover Kids at our house and made ice cream in a baggie...YUM!  Logan had a t-ball game after that.  Kessiah had a Mutual activity with another ward where they learned about self-defense.

4.  Thursday was a busy morning.  I dropped Logan off at Lucas's house and took the girls to the Meachams where Jenessa and Sienna participated in an American Girls activity.  That provided me with a couple of hours where I could get some stuff checked off my to do list (that is getting harder and harder to do!)  We then went to eat at a nearby elementary school with the Meachams and the Nymans and then went bowling.  By the time we got home at 2:30, Corbin was exhausted!  Sienna had dance that afternoon...her recital in coming up in a few weeks!  It should be really cute!  Craig and Linnea came on Thursday evening (Linnea had a doctor appointment in Phoenix)

5.  Friday was the first summer movie at the theatre.  That evening Kessiah and Jenessa babysat a few kids here...on their way to earning some money for the things they want that I won't buy for them!

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