Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five for Friday and a few things for Saturday

1.  It was the last week of preschool for Mason.  He has developed so much in his ability to express himself over the past school year.  I was nervous about sending him to preschool, but I believe the speech, physical, and occupational therapies that he has received there have been we plan on him going back in August.

2. On Tuesday it was my last time to host preschool coop.  I put Jenessa in charge and I was her assistant!  Our topic was gardening and she did a great job of planning our activities and worksheets.

3.  We signed up for a bowling program where we get 2 free games of bowling every day all summer long!  We met some friends on Wednesday for some bowling fun!  Even Corbin and Mason got to bowl by pushing their balls down a ramp they have for the little ones...Logan and Sienna used the ramps as well.

3.  On Thursday Kessiah and Jenessa went kayaking with some friends.  They have been wanting to buy kayaks for several weeks.  Ryan went to Costco to buy them on Wednesday evening after work.  Kessiah had the money to buy hers, but Jenessa is in debt!  They had a great time!

4.  On Friday morning I gave Ryan a hair cut.  The girls all talked me into giving them a trim as well.  Kessiah and Jenessa were both just trims, but I cut a few inches off Sienna's hair to make it easier for her to brush.  Kessiah and I met our 4-H sewing buddies at Yogartz for a treat before we went to gymnastics.  It was a yummy way to celebrate their accomplishments.

*Kessiah had a girls camp fundraiser car wash starting at 8:00.  This was the second one they have done.  She is really excited about her first year at camp and is happy to help with any activities to get them there.
*Jenessa and I were able to attend a Mother Daughter brunch for the Activity Day girls.  It was a nice event where the girls were able to share different ways they have grown over the past year and the moms were able to share some things about their daughters.
*Ryan had to sit at a booth at the Home & Garden show during the afternoon and Kessiah and Jenessa were happy to go with him.
*Sienna and Logan had some friends over in the afternoon while the big girls were gone with Ryan.

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