Friday, May 24, 2013

Six for Friday (because I had more than 5 things to write about!)

1.  Monday was our last Monday gymnastics class until August (I do still have Kessiah and Logan in a Friday class, but we will see how often we make it this summer!)  In the afternoon we went bowling with some friends.

2.  Tuesday was our last preschool coop.  I was able to take Sienna, Logan, Mason and Corbin...siblings were invited and they had fun playing outdoor water games.  The family also has some chicks and ducklings that were fun for the kids to see and hold.  The group was a great one for Logan this past year, he looked forward to it every week.  I dropped Kessiah and Jenessa off at the library before preschool...they hung out there until Ryan came over at lunch to get Jenessa and Kessiah went to an activity in Prescott.  There is a new school option I'm looking at for Kessiah and they did a seminar for middle and high schoolers during the afternoon and then a parent information session that evening that I went to.  Kessiah went to Mutual after the seminar so that left Jenessa to babysit!  She did a great job!

3.  Wednesday morning I dropped Kessiah and Jenessa off at piano lessons and then took Sienna, Logan, Mason and Corbin to the park.  After lessons, I talked with their teacher about adding Sienna next year and moving their lessons to the afternoon...both things work out with their teacher!  That afternoon I met with a friend to plan a history/science coop for Sienna and Logan (she has a girl Sienna's age and a boy Logan's age...and has been in preschool coop and our homeschool coop with us so we decided to join forces next year on these subjects since we won't have preschool coop)  I'm excited about this since I didn't do so well with science this year for Sienna.

4.  Thursday morning we had our last homeschool group activity for this year.  We did a small Olympic games activity.  That evening the moms got together for dinner and a planning session for next year.  This has been a great group for my kids, they have loved it!

5.  We have been talking about getting a 3rd phone for Kessiah or Jenessa can have one to take with them when they need it.  Ryan and I were also both due for new phones.  On Friday Ryan went and got 3 new phones and a new phone plan. 

6.  In the evening Kessiah and Jenessa hosted their first summer movie babysitting night.  They have planned several Friday evenings this summer for families to bring their kids here to watch a movie and play some games while the parents enjoy some time alone.  They are hoping to make some money this summer!  They had 5 children (3 families) for their first night...we'll see how the rest of the summer goes!

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