Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What are we reading?!?

We have had a great year with me reading to the kids.  Our homeschool group has done a book club about every 5 weeks which has forced us to stay on schedule with our reading.  There have been a few times when we have read more than normal because we needed to finish the book before book club.  This has allowed us to read more books than we might have otherwise...we read the book club books and we snuck in a few of our own choices as well.   Now that we are on summer break from our homeschool group it is up to me to decide what to read next.  So many books I want to little time.  I am starting out the summer by reading Peter and the Starcatchers.  I heard of this book awhile ago and it has been on my "to read to the kids" list.  It is a series, we'll see how far we get this summer.  There are a couple of other books the girls want me to read as well.

As a way to encourage my girls to read some books that I want them to read (historical fiction, classics) I made 2 summer reading bingo charts for each of them.  They are excited to earn the prizes we have selected as they complete "bingo" on their charts. As a way to help Logan and Mason meet their reading goals for the library summer reading program, I have planned in our summer job routines for each of the girls to read a book to one of their brothers.

I just finished the Eragon series.  I enjoyed the first books more than the last ones (I actually skimmed through most of the last book and a half...there was too much fighting in the series for me to really enjoy it)  Now, I am looking forward to reading several books that I put on Kessiah and Jenessa's summer reading bingo cards.

Kessiah recently finished the Eragon series and has enjoyed other fantasy science fiction type books this year.  She is currently reading Seven Daughters and Seven Sons, which is on her bingo chart.  She has also started the Lord of the Rings, but she has found the beginning to be boring so I don't know if she will finish it.

Jenessa has really enjoyed reading Nancy Drew books this year.  She got a set of the first 10 books for Christmas and has checked out many more since then.  She loves Nancy and is fascinated by her talent for getting out of tricky situations.

Sienna has delved into the world of easier chapter books and loves them!  I have several historical fiction and science related books ready for her to read.

Logan is just starting on his reading adventure.  We started Hooked on Phonics during the winter...kind of slacked off during the spring.  He enjoys having books read to him.

Mason and Corbin will sit happily as someone reads them a few books

Ryan recently finished reading the Tennis Shoes and the Nephites series to Kessiah and Jenessa  (It took them a few years...but they did it!).  He is now working on the Chronicles of Narnia series and Sienna has joined in on the listening.  This has worked out well because it gives me a chance to read to the boys before I put them in bed.  We don't get this evening reading done every night...but we try to do it 2-3 times a week.

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