Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Utah/Idaho Vacation Part 1

We had a great 2 weeks in Utah and Idaho with family and celebrating our country's birthday.

We left on a Friday and headed to Richfield where we stayed until Monday morning.  The older kids enjoyed going to the pool, playing on the computers at the library, and going to DI to pick out a "new" stuffed animal.  Linnea was there with her 2 little girls...we loved being able to see tiny Sophia (only 2 weeks old)'s not very often I get to hold a baby that small that isn't my own!

Monday we headed to Lagoon to meet Kerry & Patty's family.  The kids were very excited to see their cousins and we had a great time.  This was the first year that I had all of my children old enough to ride!  As usual, I spent my time in kiddie land with the boys...although I did send Logan off with Ryan for a few hours in the afternoon to ride some things that were too big for Mason and Corbin.  During that time Patty and I (with my 2 little guys and her Lila) went to find a quiet shady spot for a bit.  Our little ones needed a nap and the rides were too hot for them to want to ride anything.

We stayed in a hotel that night...the boys just collapsed on the floor when we walked in and slept where they fell!

On Tuesday we headed up to Idaho and got ready to go camping.  We spent 2 nights camping (to be honest...I haven't ever camped for 2 nights in a row except for girl's camp!).  We got there in time for dinner the first night and left after breakfast the second morning.  It was fun...but I need to remember to put on sunscreen next time!  It wasn't terribly hot and I thought I was in the shade all day but by the end of the second day I could tell that I was burned!

The older girls played lots of card games and the highlight for the younger ones was the water pump!  And of course, everyone loved the s'mores!  (myself included!)

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