Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Utah/Idaho Vacation part 4

We spent until Thursday evening with Janel, Emily, Marissa, and Charlotte.  The kids had a blast at a nearby fun center (thanks to Groupon it wasn't terribly expensive!)

Logan made me laugh with a comment he made.  The name of the fun center was Hollywood.  At one point of the morning that we went he asked me when we were going to the "log" place.  He was hearing the last part of HollyWOOD and was trying to remember what it was called!  Funny five year olds!

We spent some time the next day the the church history museum.  There were several interactive exhibits for the kids.

We walked back to the car through Temple Square and the kids loved getting wet at the outdoor mall!

Back to Richfield for the last couple of days.  We like the city park in has a merry-go-round (they don't build those anymore!) and a crazy double swing that my kids love!  The kids had to sit down on the grass for a bit at the end so their stomachs could calm down!  Corbin loved the double swing with Jennica on the other side...he giggled a lot and then had a temper tantrum when he had to get off!

After being gone for 2 weeks and 1 day...some of the kids were eager to be going home and others were not!  But all were tired!

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