Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday

1.  Only 2 more weeks left of "official" summer vacation.  I am ready to get back into a routine again!  There is a little bit of turmoil in our home (from Jenessa) because I switched Kessiah's school (Williamsburg Intermediate) and she has a later start date than Jenessa!  I have a list of projects that Kessiah can work on until she starts...but Jenessa is still upset!  Thursday evening was an online Q&A session for answered a few questions...I'm hopeful that it will be a good experience for Kessiah.

2.  Tuesday morning was the library program.  The kids turned in their reading logs and got their free books. I did art club here in the afternoon.  We painted our pinch pots and made flowers out of milk jug lids.  Tuesday evening Kessiah had YW and Jenessa had Activity Days.  Sienna felt bad she couldn't go to Activity Days...everyone else in her Primary class is 8 now and gets to go...she doesn't turn 8 until November.

3.  Wednesday morning we met the Nymans and the Meachams at the park.  That evening was a 4H meeting for leaders...we haven't done just a leaders meeting before, I think it was a good way to begin the year.  I still don't anticipate being able to attend Community Meeting when it is indoors (my boys are too noisy), but it sounds like the first couple of meetings might be at the that will be helpful for me.

4.  Thursday morning Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan did science club at the Meacham's.  That afternoon I took Mason to Scottsdale for an eye appointment.  The doctor felt like he was about the same since he had his surgery in March.  He is not ruling out a future surgery and we are still just on a "watch and see" track.  The did do a small vision test this time where we could see for sure that he was using both of the doctor's concerns has always been that he will stop using one eye.

5.  We have enjoyed the monsoons since we got back from vacation.  It has rained several times a week and the temperature has been nice.

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Joan said...

nice to hear about your vacation! Sounds like a lot of fun...and with 6 kids, a lot of work!