Friday, July 19, 2013

Five for Friday

1.  On Sunday (the day after we got back from vacation) I woke up sick!  I couldn't make it to church and I was supposed to do Sharing Time (for the first time!)  I spent the whole day in bed!  It was NOT the way I wanted to start my week back home!

2.  The girls all came home from church with party invitations!  Jenessa went to a birthday party on Tuesday.  Kessiah went to a pool party on Wednesday.  Sienna went to a birthday party on Wednesday (Logan was also invited to that one since he has a friend in the family as well!).

3.  The girls enjoyed sports camps at the Y this week...they were 2-3 hours each morning.  Kessiah did fencing, Jenessa did tennis, and Sienna did gymnastics.  I put the boys in child watch so I could walk around and watch the girls.  They are already talking about what camp they are going to do next week!  I told them they just had to do them all on the same week again...which does limit their options!

4.  I wasn't sure if Corbin would go back to sleeping in his crib this week after not sleeping in a crib for the past 2 weeks!  He actually did fine!  But he has started screaming...A. LOT.  He has come to a point where his vocabulary has not kept up with his communication needs and it is causing problems!  I'm trying to stay patient...but it is hard!  He has also decided he wants to go sit on the potty...a lot!  Which is good in a way...but frustrating in other ways because he doesn't want to wear a diaper but then he pees on the floor!

5.  Mason is really "enjoying" being a middle child.  He loves to torment both his older brother and his younger brother (yes, another cause of Corbin's screaming) and is getting really good at it!

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