Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Monday:  We finished the Book of Mormon as a family a few weeks ago...that means we get to eat at Golden Corral for finishing the Gold Plates!  So that's what we did for dinner! The cotton candy made several children very happy!

Tuesday:  A pretty normal day except that Ryan took the day well as the rest of the week.  He took Corbin with him to run some errands for a good part of the morning and early afternoon.  Corbin loves to go in Daddy's truck!

I loved the hat that Mason came home from preschool wearing!

Wednesday:  We did some things to get ready for our Thanksgiving feast.  Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan all had different food assignments!

For dinner we had a "crazy dinner"  We allotted everyone $3.00 and went to the grocery store and told them to buy something for dinner!  I told them they could not go over the $3.00 limit but they could combine their money.  If we do this again, we might need some more guidelines since half of our meal ended up being dessert!  But it was fun!

Thursday:  Feast Day!  Food preparation in the morning and Ryan started to put up the Christmas well as doing a little online shopping!  The girls were very helpful getting everything ready.  Logan even helped Ryan get the turkey in the brine on Wednesday

The turkey and fixins' were delicious.  I am so thankful for this wonderful (and often chaotic) family that I have been blessed with!

We made our annual thankful tree during the first part of November .

Ryan and I have been doing more online shopping this year...but the draw of a few Black Friday sales drew us out on Thursday evening.

Friday:  A few more Black Friday sales to hit in the morning.  Ryan took the girls ice skating in the afternoon.

Saturday:  Kessiah's birthday!  Ryan took the girls on a 4H hike.  Ryan picked up Kessiah's new bike on the way home at Walmart...we tried to pick it up on Friday but we left it so they could assemble it for us.  We enjoyed Papa Murphy's pizza and a delicious chocolate homemade cake for dinner.  Kessiah watched The Hunger Games movie with Ryan and I while the rest of the kids went into our bedroom to watch Harry Potter.

3 more weeks of school until Christmas break!

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