Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Year Routine

We started our school year routine on August 4th...of course, we have made a few adjustments...but it seems to be flowing well.  This plan changes a bit on Mondays because I take the 4 youngest to gymnastics in the morning.  We started our homeschool group and co-op for the younger 4 at the beginning of the month.  We started piano lessons on the 18th.  Kessiah and Jenessa started their Williamsburg classes on the 20th.  Soccer practices are starting ready or not here we come for another school year!

5:30...I get up if I want to blog...which hasn't happened very often
6:00...Get Kessiah up to reads her scriptures/straightens bedroom and bathroom, I read my scriptures
6:30...Get Jenessa up to read her scriptures/straighten bedroom and bathroom, I exercise
7:00...Get Sienna up to read her scriptures/straighten bedroom and bathroom (if the boys are not up, get them up as well), I shower and get ready for the day, Kessiah has her Leadership class
7:30...Jenessa has her Leadership class, the rest of us eat breakfast
8:00...My time to clean up the kitchen and do any dinner prep, boys clean their room and bathroom, Sienna practices the piano, Jenessa eats breakfast,  Kessiah has STEM or Humanties
8:30...I do math with Sienna and Logan, Kessiah is still in class, Jenessa practices the paino, little boys are playing (or often at the table with Logan and I)
9:00...Family devotional time
9:30...I do language lessons arts with Logan and pull out some worksheets for Mason and Corbin, Sienna finishes her math and then does some science or social studies, Jenessa has STEM or Humanities, Kessiah has her turn at the piano
10:00...Snack time for the youngest 4...the older girls have to get their snack on their own in between classes.  Kessiah has a writing class 2 days a week, Jenessa is still in class
After snack...I do language arts with Sienna, the boys go play, Kessiah and Jenessa work on assignments.  When I am done with Sienna, I go into the office and provide moral support while Kessiah and Jenessa work on math.

The younger 4 are pretty much done with everything by 11:00...Kessiah and Jenessa have some assignments to complete for Williamsburg.

We have some afternoon activities at 12:30
Monday...piano lessons (younger set)
Thursday...homeschool group

Then we do an hour of quiet time and then I read aloud from a book.

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