Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday was piano lessons and 4H Robotics.  The girls made marshmallow launchers out of pencils.  Monday evening is our family game night.  Jenessa had a couple of games for us including worm races...2 people each got into a sleeping bag, started in the kitchen and "wormed" their way towards the master bedroom door!  Lots of laughs!

Tuesday Kessiah and Jenessa had book club.  I was grateful that another mom drove, I felt like I got a lot done at home during that I was able to make dinner!

I wrote about what we did on Wednesday in a previous post.

Thursday we enjoyed our homeschool group activity.  We have been learning about money/economy for the past couple of weeks.  Today we had a Market Day.  Every child came with something to sell, each child was given 50 cents and they had to sell their goods or services and buy from others.  There were several food items, bookmarks, origami, and games...we liked the chance to shoot a bow and arrow!  I had 4 kids who brought food items so it was a whirlwind of activity in our kitchen that morning!

On Friday, Kessiah had an orthodontist appointment and she got to babysit that evening.  Ryan and I went on a shopping date and bought groceries...including supplies for Thanksgiving next week!  In the mail on Friday I was excited to get the doTerra essential oils that I ordered last weekend.  As of Sunday afternoon I have used the lemon, deep blue, on guard, and the slim and sassy.

Saturday was 4H rabbit club, Sienna was excited for her first meeting.  That evening Ryan and I went with Sienna and Jenessa to an Activity Day activity where they were honoring their ward grandmas that have helped them with several activities over the past year. 

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