Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What has been going on around here?

It has been a crazy couple of months around here.  We had 5 kids playing soccer on 5 different teams which meant I had to get kids to practices 4 evenings a week.  They had fun but I'm glad it's over!  Every Saturday morning I would take a picture of the game schedule so I knew who had to be on what field when!

1.  I have started babysitting a little girl in our ward a couple of times a week.  She is 3 and hangs out with Corbin most of the day...they get along great.  She has been an easy addition.

2.  Kessiah has been enjoying practices for the cultural celebration that will take place for the Phoenix Temple.

3.  Ryan and I were able to go to the Phoenix Temple and help usher during one morning of the open house.

4.  We were able to go as a family to the open house of the Phoenix Temple.

5.  My parents came down for a week in October to see some soccer games and a piano recital.

 They were also here to watch us carve our jack-o-lanterns and participate in Dracula's Diner!

6.  We have lost a couple of chickens and a rabbit to our dogs!

7.  We have started boarding horses on our property.

8.  Kessiah started her second round of braces, Jenessa was disappointed that she had to wait a little longer for hers!

9.  I have been called to be the Primary Chorister.

10.  We have been plugging along with school.  For the most part we have our routine and follow it!  We enjoy the coop that we are a part of.

11.  I loved watching the boys go outside to rake the leaves...I think it was Logan's idea and he got his brother's involved!  They were having a lot of fun!

12.  We went to Out of Africa.  Feeding the giraffe was definitely a highlight!

13.  Ryan finally held a tarantula without gloves!  He has been wanting to do that almost since we moved to Arizona!  Jenessa was actually the first one to get brave enough to hold it!

14.  My boys put on a puppet show for me!  The Three Little Pigs.

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