Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Monday...piano lessons and 4H leadership meeting.  I recently redid our Family Home Evening chart and added Mason to the mix.  He was very excited today because it was his first chance to pick the treat.  We had no bake cookies (for the second week in a row!)

Tuesday...Logan finished the first Hooked on Phonics book.  Teaching my kids to read is still one of my favorite things about homeschooling (2 more to go!).

Tuesday evening was New Beginnings.  Since Jenessa turns 12 this year she was able to attend and be introduced.  She is super excited to join Young Women's and can't wait for Girl's Camp this summer.

We went to book club in the afternoon where Kessiah and Jenessa discussed Pride and Prejudice, and the younger ones played. last day of this unit to do co-op.  We finished our unit on invertebrates by talking about butterflies.  Afterwards, we did our 4H cooking club and made fudge for Community Meeting.

Thursday...I was in charge of the Logan's and Mason's group in LEAP.  We played Clue Jr. and looked at our fingerprints.

As we were getting ready to go to 4-H, one of the kids yelled "there's a cow coming down the road". Sure enough, it came right by our house and into the field next to us.  It wandered away as we were getting loaded up...hopefully it found it's home.

It was the annual valentines treat auction at 4-H Community Meeting.  Sienna made a chocolate chip heart cookie and also took the fudge we made on Wednesday.  Jenessa started to make a treat but didn't like how it was turning we just ate that one at home.  We came home with Sienna's fudge, a pumpkin pie, and some homemade sweet cream ice cream.

Friday...Ryan took Kessiah to an orthodontist appointment where she added a few more brackets to her mouthful. I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and took mason as my shopping buddy.

Saturday...Ryan finished the chicken coop and got Sienna's rabbit hutch lifted up off the ground.  We had the missionaries over for dinner.  Jenessa got to go babysit a nearby family because Kessiah was gone.  Kessiah went to Phoenix for the day with a couple of friends.  They went to the mall and did baptisms at the temple.  She came home with a few new clothing items that made Jenessa jealous!  It is interesting watching these girls become more interested in clothes.

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