Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Monday:  We had piano lessons and watched the next episode of Pride and Prejudice.  It was Mason’s turn to pick the game, we played a crzy game of tag in the family room and enjoyed Texas sheet cake brownies for our treat.

When I went up to put the boys to bed, Corbin went right into Sienna’s room and got in bed…that’s where he has been sleeping for awhile.  He must have been tired because he didn’t even come in to listen to me read.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture when I went in to check on him…it looks like he read his own story.


Tuesday:  We went to book club where Kessiah and Jenessa enjoyed a discussion about Pride and Prejudice and the younger 4 children had a great time playing.

Wednesday:  Co-op day…my turn to have the 2 little guys.  Mason, Logan, and Sienna were learning about the human body. We also got started making valentine’s for our homeschool group party on Thursday.


Thursday:  In our homeschool group, my group discussed animal tracks.  We ended by passing out valentine’s and enjoying some healthy snacks.

Friday:  Logan has been excited about moving on to the next Hooked on Phonics book.  Now, Mason has decided that he needs to do phonics as well!  I have started the first Hooked on Phonics book with him…he knows the sounds the letters make pretty well…but he is a little frustrated that he isn’t able to move through the book more quickly.  I found some things online for him to do to reinforce what we are doing in phonics.
phonics Mason
phonics Logan

We got 2 more bunnies for Sienna.
S bunnies3

Ryan started working on repairing our drywall from our water pipe break on New Year’s Day.  And to end the day very nicely, Ryan and I enjoyed a dinner and a movie date.

Saturday:  Valentine’s Day got started with Kessiah and I going to help clean the church.  After doing Saturday jobs, I passed out some treats to my loves!   Ryan did some reinforcing in the yard to keep the bunnies safe from Diamond.  There was some screen time while Ryan took Kessiah to do the grocery shopping… plus he came home with some beautiful  potted flowers for me! Jenessa had arranged to babysit a couple of families at our home…she is trying to earn money for an ipod touch.

v day flowers5
v day flowers3
v day flowers4

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