Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Monday:  President’s Day…it was our famliy’s third annual “Chopped” competition.  Our starting judges were Kessiah, Logan, and Mason.

Ryan ended up being the champion with his Double Crisp Apple Crisp…he went uncontested in the final round because Jenessa didn’t feel like cooking anymore!

Tuesday:  Kessiah and Jenessa got a ride to book club.  I enjoy going to book club but I also enjoy the opportunity to stay home and catching up on some things.

Wednesday:  A quiet day with no where to go!

Thursday:  In my LEAP group we did an investigation with our senses to distinguish between a sample of sugar and one of salt.  Then we went on an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Friday:  Mason has been working hard with phonics this week.  I could see progress by Friday as he got more comfortable putting sounds together to make words.  On Friday he had made it to his first Hooked on Phonics book…and was very excited.  Jenessa helped me out by doing phonics with him.  Logan worked on a writing assignment…not his favorite thing!

school school2
Sienna, Logan, and Mason had co-op…the family we do this with was gone on Wednesday (our usual day).  It worked out well…I watched Fiddler on the Roof with Kessiah and Jenessa while they were gone…it was a school assignment for Jenessa. It was fun to watch it…I haven’t seen it in a long time.  Ryan came in to watch occasionally as he was putting up dry wall in the bathroom and laundry room.

Saturday:  Ryan had to go to a ribbon cutting for a playground at a local park…it was nice of him to take the youngest 4 with him.  They had a great time.

Ryan finished the stucco in the bathroom and laundry room.  We enjoyed a fun time at family dance at our church.  I had encouraged the girls to dance at least one dance with each of their brothers…which they did!

family dance

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