Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Monday:  At piano lessons, it was decided that Kessiah would not participate in festival this year...she has not been able to get her pieces memorized.  I don't blame her...her teacher moved her up a level and she was working with some hard songs.  We discussed some different options...but this was the one that was right at this time.  She is such a good piano player, but memorizing is difficult for her.  She is making some goals with her teacher and I know she will continue to progress in her musical talent.

Kessiah made a treat for us...a Greek dessert.  Sometimes school assignments taste so good! They were very similar to a scone...Yummy!


Kessiah, Jenessa, and I watched the next episode of Pride & Prejudice.  We had Family Home Evening where Jenessa taught a great lesson on repentance.  I was in charge of the game and picked is a card game that we ALL can play together!  Corbin amazes me a bit at how well he can play.

Tuesday:  Book club...the kids always have a great time.  Sienna discovered a pull-up bar in the doorway of a room and kept hanging upside down.  I couldn't get a picture that wasn't blurry because she couldn't hold still!

That evening Ryan took Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan to a chicken seminar at the feed store.  They came home more excited than ever about getting new chicks..  They decided to name our chicks with a Star Wars theme...we'll see what happens!

Wednesday:  Mason has been pushing to do more formal school at the table alongside Logan.  I have been working on Hooked on Phonics with him and pulling out a few other worksheets.  I decided I better clear off a cubbie in the kitchen for his books.  It can get a little crazy working with both of them...since Mason doesn't want to wait.  Thankfully, Logan is becoming just a tad more interdependent so he can work by himself for short spurts.  It was co-op day with all the boys while Sienna learned about first aid!

Thursday:  LEAP (our homeschool group) was cancelled today due to the group leader being we just hung out at home.  Here is Corbin showing me a spider that he drew.


Friday:  Logan finished Explode the Code 1 and Hooked on Phonics Level 2 this week.  Mason progressed enough in Hooked on Phonics to read 2 of the readers.

random2 random3

Jenessa made us some flatbread as a school assignment.  She needed to make something from Africa.


It was 4H sewing and robotics for Kessiah and Jenessa.  For sewing, they made some things with bandanas.  Kessiah made a bag and Jenessa made a small blanket.  For robotics, they made small models.  Kessiah made a car...Jenessa brought hers home to make and finished her blanket during this time.

4H 4H4
4H2 4H3

Saturday:  Jenessa and Sienna had Piano Festival.  Kessiah and Logan went and supported their sisters who did very well.  Ryan got the bathroom and laundry room drywall patches sanded and was able to paint the bathroom ceiling...we are finally getting the mess cleaned up from our broken pipe on New Year's Day!

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