Saturday, March 14, 2015

On the Homestead

Our local farm supply store has weekly shipments delivered of baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys going on for the next several weeks.  There was a breed this week that we had talked about getting...I wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not.  Some of us were a little worried about putting chicks together that were a week apart.  Ryan told me as he was leaving for work that he might be coming home with a couple more chicks...he came home with 3 more.  He got 2 Buff Orphingtons and 1 California Grey.  We were happy that they all adjusted to each other fairly quickly and are getting along just fine.

We were surprised at the difference in size in the chicks we got last week compared to the ones that Ryan just brought home.  We didn't realize how much they had grown in just one week!

chicks week 2 6

We have one cat that likes to hop up on top of the brooder (it is covered in chicken wire and a couple of blankets) and just watch the chicks.  We even found her inside the brooder once...that was a little scary...thankfully, no chicks were harmed!

chicks week 2 5
chicks week 2 4 chicks week 2 3 chicks week 2 2chicks week 2

Ryan moved the chickens out to the garage on Friday afternoon.  He created quite a nice little area for them to live until they are old enough to go outside....and I am happy to have them out of the house!

chicks week 2 7 chicks week 2 9
chicks week 2 8

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