Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Monday:  Back to school after a week off for Spring went well.  There was even more of an adjustment since the time change had happened right at the beginning of our break.  My 2 oldest do an online school based out of Utah...since they change times and we don't....that means we have to make some adjustments every time that most of the country moves their clocks.  Now their classes start an hour earlier.

Logan made fudge for our Family Home Evening treat (he had some brothers that were really wanting to help!) and Sienna picked Musical Chairs for our game.  After some initial crying when people got out it was pretty fun.

boys fudge

Tuesday:  Jenessa went to her first track practice with one of the local elementary schools.  We go to church with both of the coaches, so it made getting our foot in this door a little easier.  She is so excited about this and I'm sure she will do really well.

We all went to the church for activities tonight.  The Activity Day girls had a Darling Derby...and the whole family got to go and watch.  They had prepared Pinewood Derby cars and were able to race them on the track.  While Sienna's car didn't do great...we had fun.  It was Jenessa's first activity for Young Women's, they were combined with the boys and learned some dances.

photo2 photo3

Wednesday:  Co-op day...I had everyone here and we continued learning about the Civil War.

Thursday:  Our small homeschool group was cancelled because 2 moms couldn't make we just enjoyed our free time.

Friday:  Kessiah had an orthodontist appointment and a stake dance that evening...she wasn't really happy about going to a dance with a sore mouth!

Saturday:  I took my girls to see the movie, Cinderella.  I thought it was a nice feel-good movie.

Sunday:  We took the chicks outside for a little bit in the afternoon.  They are definitely in their "ugly" stage between chick and chicken.

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