Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

This week we were on a little different schedule.  For Kessiah and Jenessa, it was mid-term week...that means they didn't have any online classes.  The week for them was finishing projects/assignments and taking some tests.  What that all translates to is it was a slower week for everyone...we didn't get up as early and we stayed up a little later...kind of like a pre-Spring break!

Monday:  Logan cornered me when the girls were at piano lessons and "insisted" that I start piano lessons with him.  In his defense, I had told him I would start teaching him in January...and I still hadn't done it!  So, I got out the primer books and gave him his first lesson. We sat down at the piano and had a short lesson every day this week except for Saturday and Sunday.  He is pretty excited to be learning how to play.  One morning he came downstairs and went right into the piano room to practice before he even said "Good Morning!"  Here is a picture of him taken towards the end of the week...he is showing me a song that he had memorized!

Logan piano

For Family Home Evening we went to see a play at the local middle school.  Kessiah has a friend who was in I'm in the mood to see the might be my pick for family movie night when it's my turn!

Tuesday:  Kessiah went to a nursing home for her youth activity.  She was able to play a couple of piano pieces.  Jenessa and Sienna made cars for the Darling Derby (they are using the track that the Cub Scouts use for the Pinewood Derby)  Ryan got to help them make their cars.

Wednesday:  We got our baby chicks!  We have been counting down the days and now we have 18 cute little fluff balls.  Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of formal schooling that happened today!  That evening I picked up an order of chicken from Zaycon.  So, I had 80 pounds of chicken to put in the freezer before bedtime.

IMG_6861 IMG_6921

Thursday:  We did our large group day for our homeschool group.  We divided into 2 different groups and solved a crime.  I went with the girls and we did some experiments to determine who sabotaged a cookie shop.

photo photo[1] photo[1]

That evening we had our 4H community meeting which included a green contest and a pizza party.  Yeah!  That meant I didn't have to cook dinner.  Jenessa dressed up in the 4H tshirts as a last minute contestant in the green contest.


Friday:  For one of Jenessa's midterm assignments she had to go out in nature and look at some animals in their natural habitats.  So, Ryan took Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna, and Logan on a hike.  On their way home from the hike they stopped to pick up 2 baby ducks to add to the chick crew.

20150306_105345[1] 20150306_113616[1]

Saturday:  Sienna went to a birthday party and Jenessa had a friend over during the birthday party (the sister of the birthday girl).  Kessiah went with a friend to the Renaissance Festival.  She had a great time and came home with some elf ears.

11024651_1556926237921222_2034658458063814173_n(2) r festival 2

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