Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What Have We Been Reading?

I was in the mood for some fiction.  So I looked at the reading list I have for Kessiah and decided to try the Matched-Crossed-Reached trilogy by Ally Condie.   It is somewhat similar in nature to the Hunger Games series without as much violence.  I enjoyed it...although I didn't find the ending very satisfying...I was left feeling bad for one of the characters.  I also read a nonfiction book called Better Than Before...I highly recommend it!

matchedbetter than before

Kessiah also read the Matched-Crossed-Reached trilogy.  For school she had to read the first Percy Jackson book and has almost finished re-reading the rest of the series.  For school she has been working on I, Robot (I understand it is very different than the movie), Who Moved My Cheese For Teens, The Wise Woman (George MacDonald),  Fields of Home (Ralph Moody), and Murder in the Cathedral (T.S. Eliot)

I finally gave Jenessa permission to read the Hunger Games series...she loved them and really wants to watch the movies...but we are holding fast to our "No PG13 movies until you are 13 rule"

hunger games

Jenessa devoured the Percy Jackson series and the sequel, The Heroes of Olympus as well.  For school, Jenessa has read My Everest Story (Mark Pfetzer & Jack Galvin), The Way Things Work (David Macaulay), Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Percy2 Percy3

Sienna has been reading various books that we own.  She also found a non-fiction series by National Geographic kids at the library that she has been enjoying.

Logan has been picking up books we have at home and reading is so fun to see him get to this point. Teaching my kids to read is still one of my favorite things about homeschooling.  On one of our trips to the library last month, he picked out 56 books to check out!  Our cards have a limit of 50 I put the extra 6 books on Mason's card since Logan couldn't decide what books to leave behind!  It was pretty funny to watch the children's librarian as she looked both amused and perplexed!

Kessiah and Jenessa have finished reading Pride & Prejudice with their book club.  It wouldn't have been something that Kessiah would have ever picked up on her own...but by the end she did enjoy it!


I try to read a few books to Mason and Corbin during the day.  I have continued reading the Magic Tree House Books (and the Research Guides that we have) to the boys before bed on most nights.

I did have the chance to see Cinderella in the movie theatre with my girls last month.  It was a nice re-telling of the classic story.  Coincidentally, I also got to take them to a local community play of Cinderella this Kessiah and Jenessa both have plans to be in future productions.

At home we have enjoyed watching Oklahoma and Night at the Museum (the third one).

We also got caught up on Granite Flats...the mystery continues!


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