Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

Sunday:  We celebrated Corbin's birthday because we were not going to be able to get all together on Monday (piano lessons during Ryan's lunch and he had Citizen's Academy in the evening).  Sienna made cupcakes and Corbin got some new toys.

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Monday:  My baby turned 4 years old!  He is truly a great joy in our lives!  I remember being so nervous about having #6...I wasn't sure I could do it.  I called him my "faith" baby when I was pregnant because I just had to have faith that the Lord would bless me and help me be the mom I needed to be!

Tuesday:  We had book club in the was the last discussion of Pride & Prejudice.   The girls planned a party for the next week.  Jenessa had a track meet after book club, they raced against a school they hadn't met with before...they had some competition that they usually don't see!

Wednesday:  We made a trip to the library in the afternoon.

Thursday:  A quiet day.  Jenessa had a track meet in the afternoon.

Friday:  For our homeschool group we made a trip to Montezuma Castle National Monument.  It was a fun outing.  That afternoon, Kessiah and Jenessa had 4H officer/leadership meeting.  We enjoyed dinner at Culver's to celebrate Corbin's birthday.

Montezuma3 Montezuma4
Montezuma Montezuma2
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Saturday:  Ryan took the girls to do some service cleanup at our girl's camp site.  On the way there his engine started smoking.  Thankfully, he knew someone else who was coming and was able to call him to pick up some anti-freeze (he decided he must have a leak).  The rest of the trip went well...the girls had fun and worked hard.

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