Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly Wrapup

My camera didn't make it out this week!

Monday:  The local schools had the day off and Sienna got invited to a birthday party...she enjoyed a movie at the local theatre and pizza...lots of fun.  Since she missed her piano lessons while at the party...Kessiah and Jenessa got some extra time.

Tuesday:  We got back into book club (the group had taken about 6 weeks off due to different people being gone...we are a small group so just a few people being gone makes a difference!)  Jenessa had a track meet...she was excited to get 2nd place in the 800m...and I was super excited for her, she ran well.   For youth activities that evening Kessiah and Jenessa enjoyed a spaghetti dinner...the catch was they couldn't use a fork!  The kids were offered various kitchen utensils to eat their dinner with.

Wednesday:  Sienna, Logan, and Mason went to co-op and continued learning more about the Great Depression...they even got to try some "delicacies" created in that time period including Smarties and Twinkies!  (I was happy to hear that they didn't really like the Twinkies!)

Thursday:  Our homeschool group met and discussed archeology.  I had the oldest group.  We discussed what archeology is and did a archeological "dig" on a chocolate chip was the same thing I did 2 weeks ago when Kessiah was the only one there!  Jenessa had another track meet and came in 2nd in the 800 m again (I think her time was 3:50).  One of the coaches asked me to be a was pretty fun.

Friday:  Kessiah and Jenessa had 4H sewing.  We finally had time to lay out a plan for the quilts they want to make for EXPO.

Saturday:  Kessiah and Jenessa had adventure days (pre-girl's camp activities).  Jenessa went kayaking and Kessiah went cycling.  They also did some certification activities.

While they were gone I went to an informal meeting with some other mothers about homeschool high school planning.  I have our curriculum laid out but my main purpose in going was to learn about co-op, extracurricular, and other social activities that we might want to be a part of.

That evening I took Kessiah, Jenessa, and Sienna to a community play production of Cinderella...Jenessa got back from her kayaking adventure a little late and so I had to pick her up at the church on our way to the play.  It was great and Jenessa would really like to participate in future productions.

Sunday:  Jenessa had the opportunity to give her first talk in Sacrament meeting!  She did great!

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