Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly Wrapup...Easter

Monday:  We got our piano tuned...that was really overdue!  Piano lessons were cancelled because our teacher got sick.   Kessiah made it to 4H outdoor adventures/officer meeting (Jenessa was at track).

The group went on a hike I took the 4 youngest on a nature walk.  I haven't been very good about doing things like is so much easier to stay home and send them outside to play. Sienna got excited about collecting leaves and flowers....and of course she found a tree to climb!

4h hike3 4h hike44h hike 4h hike2

Tuesday:  At track practice Jenessa tried out for the relay team...she is hoping to make the A team.

Wednesday:  It was my last day of talking about the civil war with the girls.  We went to the library later in the afternoon.

Thursday:  Kessiah and Jenessa were able to go to a science day at a local college.  That evening we had out 4H Community Meeting.

Friday:  We got a few things planted in the garden...peas, beets, cabbage, and radishes.  Ryan and I went grocery shopping for our date!

Saturday:  We enjoyed the first day of General Conference.  We got the chicks and bunnies out after the first session and had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard after the second session.

IMG_7108 IMG_7114
IMG_7122 IMG_7112
IMG_7128 IMG_7151
IMG_7158 IMG_7157
IMG_7130 IMG_7148

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