Sunday, April 12, 2015

On the Homestead

Monday:  Not too much happened today besides our normal school routine.

Tuesday:  Jenessa had her first track meet.  She was really nervous on the way...but, of course, she did fine.  She fretted over a rough handoff in the relay...but they will get better with a little practice and more communication. The younger 4 kids had fun playing on the field and on the nearby playground.


For youth activities at church, the girls planned a hike.  Unfortunately, Jenessa couldn't go because of her track meet (they held the hike earlier than they usually hold the activities).  But Kessiah made it...she came home saying it was more of a walk than a hike...but she had fun.


Wednesday:  The Sienna, Logan, and Mason went to co-op where they talked about the Great Depression.  Afterwards, we made a trip to the library.

Thursday:  We had our homeschool group where we started our unit on archeology and anthropology.  I had the oldest group...we did an archeological dig on chocolate chip cookies!  Jenessa had another track meet...she did better with the handoff in the relay.

Friday:  We took the chicks out to the chicken coop....they seem to be adjusting to their new home.

photo photo2

Jenessa and Kessiah both had birthday parties to go it seemed like a quiet evening.

Saturday:  Kessiah and Jenessa were able to go to the temple.

temple tripKJ temple

The rest of us got ready for our visit from Nana and Papa.  It will be nice to have them here for a week.

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