Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the Homestead

It is fun to watch our chicks and ducklings grow.  We have taken the flock outside on the grass a few times...and we have introduced Gwen (our chicken) to them out on the has been interesting to watch their interactions.

IMG_7108 IMG_7114

We took them all out to the chicken coop yesterday.  I am so glad to get them out of the garage!

photo2 photo

Ryan got some more chicks a week ago!  He really wanted some Jersey Giants...and he also came home with some Cuckoo Maran.  So, we have some more cute little fluff balls....we are going to have a lot of eggs when all these hens start laying!


Ryan has been working on preparing our garden beds. We have planted some peas, cabbage, radishes, and beets.   I've never planted cabbage before...but I have recently discovered that my kids love it!  I'm getting excited to get my hands in the dirt and start growing stuff!

photo5 photo3

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