Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 21, 2016

Logan got the idea in his head that he wanted to do a sewing project.  I told him he would have to wait for Nana to visit, then she could help him...he had other ideas!  He asked Kessiah to help him...and those 2 got to work creating an emoji pillow.  I'm told Logan did almost all of the sewing!

One day this week, some of the kids were bored and decided to get creative!  They made a "river" from tin foil and the hose...then made boats out of tin foil to float down their river.

As part of science this week I had the 4 youngest do a STEM challenge where they had to build something using certain criteria...I actually let Mason and Corbin build whatever they wanted.  Sienna and Logan each had to choose what they were going to build and then were allotted a certain number of materials based on a budget.  They complained at first and even said it was impossible...but then they started trying to figure it out and did a great job.

This is Corbin's "thinking pose"  He sat there tapping his index finger on his head saying "I'm thinking"

Logan built a tower

Sienna built a bridge
Here are a few pictures from our art class this week.

Mason came home from church today with this picture he had drawn in Primary.  It just made my heart happy to see it.  I love my family so much...they are my everything!

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