Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer is wrapping up

Summer is coming to a close.  We got back into our regular piano lesson times this week.  Early morning seminary started...Kessiah now has her driving permit so she drove to and from seminary every day!  Classes begin for Kessiah and Jenessa this week.  I think they are both ready to get down to business again.

We have been watching a lot of Olympics this week...although it is interesting to me to see how we had it on almost constantly at the beginning of the week but by yesterday it was only on for a couple of hours.

We started up our co-op with the Nyman's this week.  Our plan this year includes art, math, and a book club...I'm excited to see how it goes.  I got us started this week with art.

Kessiah and Jenessa got to ride horses this week for YW...they had a great time and want to be able to do it more often...we'll have to see how our schedule works out this fall.

Ryan had his birthday this week.  I thought Sienna did a fabulous job at helping Corbin and Mason come up with a creative idea for a birthday card.  Kessiah also helped Logan fold a paper plate into a cookie holder (he made snickerdoodles all by himself!).  It is great to see my girls growing up to love and serve their siblings.  And just because I didn't see Jenessa so anything on this day doesn't mean she doesn't do a lot to help with her siblings!

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