Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Pictures at Sears

So I took all five of my children to Sears this morning dreaming of the adorable picture I was going to get with all of my cute kids who were looking especially dashing! But alas, I have a two year old...and most people I know who have two year olds will understand that I was dreaming of the impossible! Logan would absolutely NOT cooperate! I got a cute picture of the girls together and Mason was full of smiles...but all Logan could do in front of the camera was scream and cry and throw himself to the ground!

I did get a collage with a picture of the three girls and separate pictures of Mason and Logan. There was one picture of Logan where he wasn't screaming...not smiling or looking pleasant either!

I will try again at home before church on Sunday...hopefully in a familiar and safe environment he will be ok.

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