Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just a few funny Logan stories...

We have discovered that Logan's coat is his security blanket. Earlier this week I took Jenessa, Sienna and Logan to a friend's house while I took Mason and Kessiah to Kessiah's 4-H Community Meeting. (That was such a good decision...It has been extremely difficult to keep Sienna and Logan under control at these meetings...I always end up with them running around outside in the parking lot.) Logan refused to take his coat off the entire time he was there. At the ward party on Friday night, he wouldn't take it off until we had been there for about an hour. Today at church, he wore it...with the hood on...all through Sacrament Meeting. Ryan made him take it off before he went to nursery, but I'm sure he would have preferred to keep it on there too!

One evening last week after we got home from Kessiah's basketball practice, Ryan had put Mason down on the floor in his car seat and unfastened him but left him there. A few minutes later Logan came into the kitchen and was telling me something about Mason. I was having some traslation issues and couldn't understand him...although I should have been concerned since I could hear Mason crying. After Logan came in to me the second time I decided I better go and see why Mason was crying. What I discovered was that Logan had tried to take Mason out of his car seat. Mason was lying face down on the floor with a blanket over him! Poor baby!

Isn't it fun trying to keep up with these little people!

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