Friday, January 22, 2010

Logan's latest discovery

Scissors! Yes, they are fine when used to open his granola bars...but not so good when he starts cutting his clothing! I keep finding articles of his clothing that he has cut (while he is wearing them). Doesn't he realize that he has a younger brother coming up right behind him that was planning on wearing all of his hand me downs?! If he keeps finding the scissors, I'm going to have to buy Mason a whole new size 2 wardrobe!

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Cynthia said...

Which is EXACTLY why we have placed EVERY SINGLE PAIR of scissors in a safe place up high. Now it is a pin to get then but it saves me from finding a kid cut, or something else that should not be cut.
We did not have any clothing cut but I caught Ryan just in time a few times too many trying to wack at his hair.
They make a pair of scissors for a baby(we have some) that only cut paperand NOTHING ELSE. I just give those to Ryan when I am working...he has no clue they won't cut anything else, if he did then he wouldn't want them anymore. Get you a pair, they are real cheap and plastic(dollar store) probably!