Saturday, March 13, 2010

Basketball tournament

Kessiah had a basketball tournement this weekend.  Her team had 4 games on Friday evening and Saturday.  She missed one of the Saturday meetings because of a 4-H cavy meeting.  It was kind of sad when they lost their second game in the tournament because that meant they couldn't go on.

They were fun games to watch, there seemed to be an increased level of determination displayed from the teams.

It was a good basketball season.  Kessiah had a good coach that made sure she was included as much as possible (she was the shortest player on her team and probably in the whole age group!)  Jenessa did great, she showed those boys how to play (she was the only girl on her team).  And Sienna, although she is too young to play, is already showing some skill.  She can bounce pass and dribble pretty good.

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