Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ketchup Week is over

Unfortunately, we didn't have any ketchup this week.  I was completely out of ketchup friendly foods...I'll have to plan better next time!

It was a good week though.  It was nice to take things at a slower made me want summer to get here soon!  We did get the school things done that I wanted to accomplish.  Kessiah got a good start on her 4-H record book.  The kids enjoyed playing outside more.  I got in a couple of games of Clue Jr. 

We got summer clothes out for all the kids, but I'm still working on getting winter clothes put away...that is always such a process!  So, I still have several diaper boxes (because that's what I store out of season clothes in...the big boxes from Sam's/Costco) lining one wall of the front room.  Logan has a new favorite shirt.  It's a red shirt with all the Toy Story character's on it...he calls it his "Buzz shirt" and I should have bought 7 of them so he could wear a clean one every day of the week!

We got started on softball season this week.  Kessiah and Jenessa both had practices.  I still haven't heard from Sienna's t-ball coach.

We ventured back to the library this week...all 5 kids and me!  Our piano lesson time got moved so I decided to try the library reading time with Sienna and Logan.  I dropped the books off in the book drop outside before we went in the library and that made a big difference.  The outing went smoothly!

Ryan finished laying down our "outdoor carpet" or artificial grass.  We have been discussing whether or not to put some in since we moved into this house.  He found this at Sam's cheaper than anything else we had looked at and decided to get some.  I have to say that it is nice to have.  The kids have loved it, the dogs have loved it...and I love it too!

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