Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Summer...What worked What didn't!

Our summer is wrapping up, we have started some school and starting to get back into our school routine.

We did a session of swimming lessons in June.  We did the T-Th for 4 weeks session, it seems to work better for us than trying to go 4 days in a row for 2 weeks.  We are signed up for another session in August.

We have one more week of the summer reading program at the library.  Kessiah and Jenessa always love that.  This year they lowered the participation age, so Sienna was able to fill out a reading log as well.

For the first time ever we did the cheap summer movies at the theater.  With Ryan having Friday's off it worked out for him to take the girls that day.

I changed up our chores just a bit this summer.  We have morning and afternoon zones.  Kessiah, Jenessa and I (with Sienna and Logan) rotate through 4 zones.  Yes, that means that one zone does not get done, the girls can do it for some extra money or it just doesn't get done that day.  I really wanted to continue with our devotional time and our morning jobs during the summer...and for the most part we did really good.

I did take the kids to a park a couple of times, but it is hot enough that we didn't stay more than an hour.  Our backyard has enough toys that I probably just need to get outside and play with them more often instead of trying to go to a park.  We've also been swimming at the Y a couple of times as a family...they have a great pool for me to be able to keep track of everyone!

I made some good progress on my continuing education credits for my RD credential.  (During my last 5 year credentialing period I was really cramming at the end...I am trying to avoid that this time!)  I also got out the scrapbooks again after too many years!  I didn't get a lot done on them, but enough to hopefully get me going again!  I also got the girls school work scheduled out through December, I wanted to be able to take most of the month of December off to do Chritmas things...which is one reason that we started early!

I did not get Logan potty trained like I had intended.  It seemed when I started pushing it he backed off and wouldn't do it!

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